Clear Plans

1. Clear Plans

Rather than just do it for you, we immerse you deeply in the process to review and/or create all of the plans you need to get moving forward again. 

Clarity is everything! Clarity begins with planning. The greatest businesses and most successful individuals invest the necessary time detailing plans that include why and how they operate. We help you create and live by plans that are thoughtful, intentional, and crystal clear.

Strategic Plans

Too often strategic planning produces a “binder” that ends up on a real or virtual shelf. But, you won’t do that after we guide you through the effort of building one and seeing its value in moving you forward. 

Business Plans

Business plans necessarily cascade down from strategic plans to clarify objectives and contain “how to” strategies and tactical “to do” lists along important timelines.

Hiring Plans

Strategies and plans don’t get things done, people do. Excellent people get excellent things done. Your hiring plan will align with your strategic and business plans by finding and engaging excellent people with the strengths to fit their jobs.

Financial Plans

As carefully as you plan for strategic issues through hiring tactics, so too must you be a good steward of your financial resources. That means knowing your numbers, setting and respecting a budget, including a reserve for seizing a great immediate opportunity.

Succession Plans

When your plans and hard work have finally created what you’ve always wanted, and when the mission has been accomplished, it is time to keep moving forward in a new direction. This was in the plan from the beginning, and you are ready for it.

ESSENTIAL Elements, Volume 1 - Clear Plans

CLEAR PLANS – If you don’t plan where to go, you surely won’t get anywhere. Making clear and effective plans is the first step to getting moving forward again.

Effective plans are thoughtful, intentional, and crystal clear…

Thoughtful planning usually begins with creating a Strategic Plan. It considers your Core Values, for which there are no compromises. It also refers to a Vision Statement of what those values would look like in action, and is summarized by a clear Mission Statement that declares why you do what you do so others can understand and align with it.  

Intentional planning shows your purpose backed by action. In business, it uses your Strategic Plan to create a Business Plan which details how the mission will be carried out with goals, strategies, tactics, timing, and the budget for all of it. The Business Plan includes a Hiring Plan and an Organization Chart with job descriptions outlining who does what, and who reports to whom. Individuals can use the same types of plans, but give them more personal names.

Crystal clear plans take detail to a “day to day” level including tactical Operational Processes and tracking systems to verify how often and how well the business is performing critical tasks, and if it is on time to meet its goals.

Our ETA team is passionate about guiding you through the Planning Process, whether for business owners or career seekers. We can be truly helpful!

Plan B


Clear Plans

Rather than just do it for you, we immerse you deeply in the process to review and/or create all of the plans you need to get moving forward again. 

Excellent People

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you need other people to help you see your clear plans through. We’ll help you find them.

Ready Support

Along with your own excellent people, you’ll need additional professional ready support. We’ll teach you how to recognize them and find them.