Excellent People

2. Excellent People

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you need other people to help you see your clear plans through. As long as you need other people, surround yourself with excellent people.

Whether in a business or as an individual, success depends on excellent people working as a team.

For businesses, we assess your current team to determine their individual strengths and proper placement in your org chart.

To fill in any open seats, we help you find and engage additional excellent people, whether leaders or team members. The excellent people we help you find shine in three key areas: They get it, they want it, and they have the capacity for it. “It” is truly embracing and acting on your values, your vision, and your mission.

We guide you though retraining current team members and training new ones. With expectations clarified and support guaranteed, your team will be energized to get you moving forward again.

Last, we show you how to use a strengths based evaluation process to keep everyone working to capacity and with balance in their lives.

For individuals, the process is very similar, but much more personal. We encourage you to identify and surround yourself with those who care enough about you to be truly honest with you, who’s role in your life you appreciate, and who you can care for in return. 

Team Assessment

There are two important steps in assessing your team: Administering a short, formal, web-based assessment to understand how they are hard-wired, and simply having a good conversation with each of them about their personal goals. Action is taken on where is alignment is found, and where is it needed.


The secret to recruiting is preparation with clarity of purpose, having an automated but not autonomous system to keep the process organized, and engaging skilled and caring people, with endurance, to run it successfully.

Training and Retraining

Whether with new team members or current ones, you will deal with only two types of people problems: “Can’t do”, or “Won’t do”. We’ll help you with training and retraining to address the “can’t do” and motivation to address “won’t do”.  


strengths Based Evaluations

We’ll help everyone on your team know and use their strengths, and help you use an unconventional performance evaluation process based on strengths to keep everyone moving forward together. Career bliss!

ESSENTIAL Elements, Volume 1 - Excellent People

EXCELLENT PEOPLE – Do you get it? Do you want it? Do you have the capacity for it? Excellent people do!  These are three important questions business owners and career seekers need to answer for themselves as well as knowing the answers for everyone around them. 

Excellent people can confidently answer “YES!” to those questions. They seem so naturally, well, excellent. Please understand that what seems natural may not have started that way.  Excellent people are not excellent by birth, nor by accident. They have discovered who they are and why they are here. Then, they work hard, continue to learn, make sacrifices as needed, endure, study even more, and LOVE what they do. 

Excellent people understand balance and capacity, the two key indicators that allow them to be prosperous and happy. The understand and live a balanced life. They thoughtfully maintain balance among spirit, mind, body, family, work, and community. In all areas they work to capacity, meaning they work as hard and as efficiently as needed to get the day’s tasks done with an eye on tomorrow. They often get more energy from what they do, and how they do it, than what they spend doing it. They live productive and meaningful lives.


Plan B


Clear Plans

Rather than just do it for you, we immerse you deeply in the process to review and/or create all of the plans you need to get moving forward again. 

Excellent People

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you need other people to help you see your clear plans through. We’ll help you find them.

Ready Support

Along with your own excellent people, you’ll need additional professional ready support. We’ll teach you how to recognize them and find them.