Ready Support

3. Ready Support

Along with your own excellent people, you’ll need additional professional ready support. We’ll teach you how to recognize them and find them.

You and your team should know basically all about what you do. Neither you nor your team can be expert in everything. Nor can you, or should you, spend too much time on any one issue. Having ready support from professionals who are educated, credentialed, and caring allows you to do what you do best, trusting them to cover you.

We can provide some ready support in-house. Otherwise we will captain a team of referred professionals.



We can provide accounting, payroll guidance, tax return review, and tax return filing, all for fees well below the market. Since we know you well from coaching and advising, we help keep you money right where it belongs, under your control.

We use only generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP) so your work is done right. Your work will be done by an IRS “enrolled agent”, the highest credentials awarded by the IRS.

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Our founder owns the insurance agency that can provide the highest quality business and personal coverage from nationally respected carriers.

You can buy insurance just about anywhere, but getting exactly what you need takes a visit with a long-time pro like Ed Lazar. He will focus on your needs first, then make suggestions you should consider, and take action based on your priorities.

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Coworking Space Available

For start-ups, growing home based businesses, special projects, or one time needs, we have affordable private offices, work stations, and conference rooms. You’ll get a Grosse Pointe Farms mailing address, free parking, a client waiting area, a kitchenette with coffee and water, high speed internet, and a networked printer for small jobs, all available on a month to month or per use basis.

BONUS: You’ll have on-site access to discounted business coaching, money saving accounting, and business insurance 

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Professional Referrals


Of course, you run the joint! However, you might benefit from the advice of another executive who has a wider range of experience. Here is who we work with:


There are a multitude of specialist practicing law. We’ve met darn near most of them. Here are the ones we trust and work with:


Money is the blood pumping through your personal and business veins. These money docs can help you keep an eye on your financial health:

Information Technology

We need technology to live an work. The hardware and software must fit the job and be reliable. Here’s who we work with:

ESSENTIAL Elements, Volume 1 - Ready Support


Similar to surrounding yourself with excellent people, you also need to develop a professional support network to guide your spirit, mind, body, finances, and other areas. Many people think getting help with these areas is a sign of weakness. Actually, it’s a sign of wisdom…unless you know everything! Well, since you can find it online, maybe you do know everything? Having a support network frees you to do focus on what you do best instead of trying to learn enough to get by about many things. Also, you can hold your professionals accountable for what they know and advise, just like you hold yourself accountable for all you do.

Plan B


Clear Plans

Rather than just do it for you, we immerse you deeply in the process to review and/or create all of the plans you need to get moving forward again. 

Excellent People

Regardless of who you are, or what you do, you need other people to help you see your clear plans through. We’ll help you find them.

Ready Support

Along with your own excellent people, you’ll need additional professional ready support. We’ll teach you how to recognize them and find them.